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Vehicle Inspection Services for New Zealand

From expert advice to full compliance, Autochecks NZ are the experts in independent vehicle inspection solutions.


Ensuring Your Vehicle's Safety

Entry Certification (Compliance)

We provide vehicle compliance services for all vehicles entering the NZ fleet.  The certification is needed to ensure all imported cars comply with NZ road safety standards. Autochecks NZ is qualified under Waka Kotahi to undertake entry certifications on used vehicles, these could be imported cars, or vehicles that have had lapsed registrations and become deregistered.

Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

Our Warrant of Fitness (WoF) inspections assess your vehicle's roadworthiness, including brakes, tyres, suspension, steering, lights, and seatbelts. We follow strict guidelines to ensure your vehicle meets all safety requirements and is safe to drive on New Zealand Roads.

Certificate of Fitness (CoF)

Our Certificate of Fitness (CoF) inspections are for commercial vehicles and ensure they meet the necessary safety standards to operate on New Zealand roads. We assess important components such as brakes, tyres, and structural integrity to ensure your vehicle is safe to use for business purposes.

Pre-purchase Inspection

Looking at buying a new vehicle? We provide intensive inspection reports to ensure your peace of mind when buying or selling your vehicle. This goes above and beyond a warrant inspection to include things like oil quality, coolant pressure, engine health, interior quality, paint and panel, and much more. 



New Zealand's Newest Compliance Providers

Autochecks NZ are a leading supplier of Vehicle Inspection Services. We offer a range of independent services for vehicle safety, including:

  • Warrant of Fitness (WoF),

  • Certificate of Fitness (CoF)

  • Entry Certification (Compliance)

  • Pre-purchase inspections

Our vision is to revolutionize the inspection industry in New Zealand.

At Autochecks NZ, we're dedicated to continuous improvement, leading with innovation, modern tools, and cutting-edge IT systems. We aim to drive the industry forward, providing a service that not only saves costs for our customers but also guarantees the safety and compliance of their vehicles with New Zealand Transport Agency standards.

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